Monday, May 12, 2014

Just Missing!

Yesterday my two little big boys went to school.  They are Goma Victor Hines and Israel Mayatsa Hines (they took the last name on their own!).  They are wonderful young boys of 13 years of age, soon to be 14.  They have been growing together since they were babies.  Goma was the youngest I ever took in to stay in my home.  He was 10 1/2 months old when he started staying with me and 1 1/2 years old when he started to live with me.  Yes, I potty trained and all - though his young mother did help a lot with some of this before she left.

Israel was always there but came to live with us when he was three years old.  He was attached to Goma so much and they are still like real brothers.  They both accepted Christ when they were nine years of age and having been growing in the Lord ever since that time.  They read their Bibles that I bought them for Christmas one year.  All of my kids have a Bible, it is an important gift to all (God's Word).  Goma and Israel love football and games.  They enjoy bringing the other children together with them in the village at the orphanage compound and playing football and do this often during their holidays.  They are always visiting with me, mom, and enjoy spending time with me and I enjoy spending time with them too. 

On the left is a picture of very many of my kids, though they were not all there in this picture.  In the front is on the floor with me from left to right - Susan, Ssemu (in front) Norah, around me is Sabrina, Peace (in front) and Mary, and in front again is young David, then next to me is Momma Phyllis with Edith in red and in pink next to her is Annette.  The behind row is Sylvia, Rachel, Sarah, Irene, Christine, Israel, Goma, Elvis and big Ssemu.
Missing are Charles, big Mary, big David, the two Violets, Katie, Alpha, Benjamin, Henry and Kepher.

The two boys are to the right at the Source of the Nile in Jinja, Uganda.  They enjoy a boat ride on the Nile.  Most of the kids that are in the ministry have visited the Source at one time or another, as it is on our list for special rewards for AWANA Clubs.  We do not have the pins, and etc. to give, so we do field trips as a gift to a class for those who do well on scripture memory, etc.

The school is coming along and the building is set to open up on the 19th of May, we hope this weekend to move in the furniture.  The painting is almost finished, and the toilets are being tiled as I write this blog.

Genesis is going to give all the kids in the ministry a good foundation, as spoken of earlier, and all our newly sponsored kids will go there.  We are still trying to raise another $8,000 to finish the school for things that have not been covered, mostly the electricity, insulation of the roofing, etc. Otherwise, water is there, a temporary kitchen is still in process of being built but more funds are needed included in the $8,000.  All the praise and glory and honor goes back to the Lord.  God bless you, Katherine