Thursday, January 17, 2013


I remember the first time I came to Uganda and where I stayed.  There was a bat that lived in the ceiling and at night would come out and scare me half to death!  I had a small 3X6 bed and no net.  I had failed to find one when I was coming and ended up buying a small half size net that would at least cover my head!!  Then I heard stories about the witchdoctors and night dancers, and I had to go outside to use a bathroom and for bathing in an outhouse.  I would be afraid to go!  Not to mention the spiders in the outhouse that were always there!!!

Christine has always been like a young sister to me and she and I went to Kumi for an evangelistic crusade and hut to hut evangelizing.  We stayed in some kind of guest house with the Church of Uganda (Anglican) where again we had an outhouse - but it was far away.  At night we slept in a room with two small beds and no nets.  We had our half nets with us and covered our heads.  At night there were crickets all over the walls - plastered to the ceiling.  There was another couple in the room next to us (Bob & Sandy) who came from St. Louis and were working with us.  There were rats that would climb down our nets at night.  There were no screens or shutters on the windows and the door would not stay shut.  It was scarey.  One night Bob & Sandy came over and were scared half to death and asked Christine what it could be that was making the noise.  It turned out to be several rats and she was chasing them and throwing our shoes at them.  I told them we had them in our room too.  All of us did not sleep much that week!!  However, the Lord used us in spite of ourselves to witness to many people.

Another time when I was sleeping in my small room where I shared with a bat, there was strange noises outside.  I went to Christine's home and Harriet and Olive came to stay in the room with me.  They brought their mattresses over and stuff and slept there with me.  However, we did not sleep!  They began to tell me more stories about night dancers.  I had never in all my life heard of such things!  Then the noise I heard earlier came again and they both said it was night dancers.  That the witchdoctors and wizards were not happy to have me there cause I was sharing the gospel with everyone I met.  I did not stop and I prayed that night and then we all prayed together and the noise went away.  It scared me too much.

I feel strong that part of the mission God gave me here was to minister to the people, particularly the children, but even more, to give the gospel to all I meet.  So many people will say they are Christians when they have never accepted Christ as their Savior and Lord.  Then there are those who have accepted Him as Savior but never allowed Him to be the Lord of their lives.  Pray with me as we continue to give the gospel to so many people.

The witchdoctor that I have written about so often in my newsletters that is near the property has given his life to Christ and this is a real praise!  He comes to church now, ask for special prayers and is trying to mend his marriage with the mother of his children.  He is finding it rough as he has to find work now to replace the funds he was getting as a witchdoctor.  However, now a new witchdoctor has moved in down the street.  Work is never done!  Pray with us that the Lord will continue to breakdown strongholds and reach these people as well. 


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