Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Much has happened since I last had a chance to blog.  Some good and some not so good.  I buried my father in Belleville, Illinois.  He was 87 years of age.

We started in August the building of the primary school for Genesis Nursery/Primary School.  With the Lord's help we will start with little ones and raise them up with a good foundation in the Lord and the Word of God.
 This is the first building of six for the classrooms.  There is also a toilet building going up with flush toilets!!  We are excited and thankful to our partners who have done so much to see that this is happening (Orphans Heart).  The school currently has 108 students.  We are currently having a middle class (nursery), a top class (nursery), first grade, second grade and third grade.  The curriculum we got from another organization that has been a great help to us, Rafiki Foundation.  This curriculum has the word of God all through it from the time they are little to the time they get through the 7th grade.  All primary schools in Uganda go through the third grade when they are a complete primary school.  We hope to register our school this year with the government so that by the 7th grade all students are able to take the Uganda National Education exam that is required before they can go to high school.  Pray for the school to be one of the best for the glory of God.

I want to tell you about a little girl in our ministry named Desire Mercy.  She is a very sweet little girl that has grown in a home that is so difficult.  Her mother has left her father very many times because he was continuing in witchcraft for so long and doing horrible things. 

Desire Mercy has been coming to the AWANA Clubs since she could walk with her half brother, Zebaloni.  She is a good student at Genesis Primary School.  She went home when she was three years old and told her father that he needed to get saved.  That he needed to stop all this evil stuff he does or he won't go to Heaven.  That he needed to ask Jesus into his heart. 
I went to her home many times and shared with her father and he told me this story in tears as he said that he feared that he would be killed by the demons if he gave his life to Christ.  I told him he had to believe and to know that our Lord is mightier than any of the demons or Satan himself.  He had a hard time believing this.  Last year he gave his life to Christ and had a big bonfire to burn all the evil stuff that he used in his witchcraft.  Now he is growing mangos and trying to make a living.
Desire is here with a doll that one of her sponsors made for her for Christmas as a gift.

Continue praying for the children, especially those in situations like Desire was in.  God bless you so much. 

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